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Rounds to Residency (from MedSchoolCoach)

Mar 24, 2022

On the last episode of Season 4, Chase DiMarco is joined by Dr. Mitchell Cohn, a retired osteopathic physician and author of “Osteopathy and the Zombie Apocalypse: A Career Guide for Pre-Med & Pre-College Students”, to discuss the differences between pain treatment & pain management and his experience with PIT or Perineural Injection Therapy.

  • [03:00] Differences in Pain Management vs Pain Treatment
  • [08:32] The Different Osteopathic Approaches
  • [11:08] Dr. Cohn Explains Perineural Injection Therapy
  • [18:07] Stem Cells and Prolotherapy
  • [23:45] The Medical Community on Perineural Injection Therapy

Full show notes