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Rounds to Residency (from MedSchoolCoach)

Mar 17, 2022

Chase DiMarco talks to Dr. Amy Fogelman, MD. Dr. Amy is a board-certified Internal Medicine Specialist based in Massachusetts. She was a primary care doctor for 18 years before she expanded her career in the medical-legal field given her experience as an internist after seeking a career coach and realizing that she was giving her husband free medical-legal advice. She is passionate about internal medicine and medical education. After close to two decades as a primary care physician in the Boston area, Amy founded MED LAW Consulting in 2018. She pairs expert witnesses to attorneys in legal matters. She also provides training for newbie medical experts who are interested in starting this side gig.


  • [01:06] Burnout in Internal Medicine
  • [03:17] Dr. Fogelman’s Background and How She Expanded Her Medical Career
  • [06:00] Expanding your Career Beyond Clinical Practice
  • [10:29] Dr. Fogelman and Her Experience with Harvard Medical Students
  • [14:37] How Medical Students Can Impress Their Preceptor
  • [18:18] Dr. Fogelman on UpToDate as a Secondary Source in Internal Medicine
  • [20:39] Learning to Love Internal Medicine
  • [22:38] Delay or Failure to Diagnose as a Medical Expert
  • [25:37] The Responsibility in Working as a Team
  • [29:34] Which Fields are More Likely to be Sued?
  • [30:40] Differences of Being an MD and a Mid-Level Practitioner
  • [33:45] Dr. Fogelman’s Words of Wisdom on the Medical-Legal Field
  • [35:30] Where to find Dr. Amy Fogelman MD
  • [35:58] Rewards and Options in Being a Physician

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