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Rounds to Residency (from MedSchoolCoach)

Mar 10, 2022

Chase DiMarco talks to Dr. Abdullah Chahin who is board certified in both infectious diseases and critical care medicine. He is also an assistant professor and the program director for internal medicine at Brown University’s School of Medicine. He also holds a teaching position at Tufts University School of Medicine. Chase and Dr. Chahin discuss the current state of medical

education, its challenges, and the changes that can be made it to improve it.

  • [02:28] Biggest Challenge Facing Today’s Residents
  • [05:42] Managing Residents’ Expectations
  • [07:35] Residency Application & Medical Knowledge
  • [14:32] How can International Medical Graduates Stand Out?
  • [20:00] Dr. Chahin’s Advice to Medical Students and Residents

Full show notes