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Rounds to Residency (from MedSchoolCoach)

Mar 10, 2022

Chase DiMarco talks to Brenda Thompson, a Graduate Medical Education (GME) expert with over ten years of experience in residency-related accreditation, education, and other similar topics. They discuss assessment criteria for residency evaluations, professional maturity during residency, and the adoption of behavioral assessments in the hospital setting. 

  • [01:24] Brenda Thompson’s Background and Roles in GME
  • [03:45] Changing Medicine and Medical Education for the Better
  • [06:24] The SWOT Analysis During Residency
  • [08:31] Comparing the Six ACGME Requirements to the Core EPAs
  • [10:15] Assessment Criteria for Residency Evaluations
  • [14:45] Residency Orientation and Its Effects on Students
  • [18:25] The Adoption of Behavioral Assessment in the Hospital Setting
  • [19:40] Positive Attitude and Professionalism During Residency
  • [23:20] How to Exhibit Professional Maturity During Residency 

Full show notes