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Rounds to Residency (from MedSchoolCoach)

Feb 20, 2020

Dr. Ryan Neuhofel is a family physician based out of Lawrence, Kansas. He is also the past President of the Direct Primary Care Alliance which advocates for a stronger community and physician-led mentorship through DPC medicine. He likens DPC to the “Costco” of primary care with an emphasis on disease prevention.

Dr. Neuhfel states that having his own clinic allows for greater freedom and time to keep updated on education and medical resources. Networking and learning from each other is also a great way to maintain education. This model of clinical practice allows for “true primary care” through regaining physician autonomy and limiting outside interference. More time allows for a greater patient story and to deep think about the patient's experience and healthcare concerns. Jumping into testing is not always the best path. Being outside of a hospital setting also adds additional responsibility, such as when to send a patient to the Emergency Department.

DPC physicians have more personal time and patient time. This also translates into better patient experiences, more time for continuing education, and more time for friends and family. Future preceptors interested in DPC also have a strong network and support from others in the community to assist with knowledge acquisition and updating. Current physicians can find DPC physicians in a wide array of social media locations, podcasts, and within the DPC Alliance.

DPC is a great transition for medical students and allows them to go from foundational knowledge to clinical diagnosis and medicine. They have more time to discuss the pathophysiology of a current patient with their preceptors. This can be a great, low-stress bridging experience in a learner's medical education. Students can join the DPC Alliance for free and even join their Mentorship Program. Finding a great clinical experience is one of the most important standards a student can set for themselves to progress to the next stage.

Ryan suggests that a strong preceptor should talk out loud to their students and explain the thought process. Getting this type of direct insight into the physician's clinical paradigm can add great value and act as a guide for students. And ask questions! There is no better way to get direct feedback then to ask well thought out questions to your preceptor at the right times.



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